About Us

The idea of "IVARTV Digital" network embodying YT Apps (featuring web apps and news feed) and MuVi RTV (featuring music streams, videos, radio and television) has been initiated by a team of experienced IT engineers and experts with comprehensive and authoritative skills.

We have proven our stability by meeting all professional and quality standards and thus we encourage you to trust
  • the company actively participating in the IT industry for 10 years
  • the experts in Visual Studio .NET and web programming running the company
  • the products manufactured by engineers focused on highly qualitative and cost effective custom software development
  • and particularly, the ideas and good intentions proclaimed and pleaded by the company and its members

We provide professional software development and web engineering, applications and solutions tailored to fit the clients' needs, outsourcing services, IT consulting and technical expertise. Our enthusiasm, passion, knowledge and experience have been incorporated into building a worldwide network for free access to innovations, news and music.
The apps and software we have developed provide their users with the following:
  • remote control of watching videos online on all devices, including those which are otherwise difficult to handle (primarily Smart TVs), other than just mirroring an Android or iOS device to the TV
  • free and balanced access to breaking news and top stories from various, yet respectable sources from around the world
  • informing through short and efficient "express" news by using the format of telegram writing in order to as much as possible guarantee that the user will read the news in its entirety, and not just confine to scanning its title or headline
  • becoming familiar with the most significant singers, songwriters and bands who capitalised on the pop and rock culture in the recent past
  • becoming familiar with the latest indie artists and their music
  • interactive audio and video content
  • copyright protection of songwriters and music publishers/labels through watermarking one's audio and video content by physical means

Helping our customers stay on the road to solutions and sharing the vision of IVARTV Digital throughout the world has become a significant part of our mission.