YT2 Remote Chrome Extension

YT2 Remote is a web app designed to remotely control YouTube videos from your smartphone or tablet while playing in full-screen mode on your computer or Smart TV. This app enables you to turn your device into a remote control and manage videos using the embedded YT video player.

It's more than just mirroring your Android or iOS device to the TV. By featuring a wireless control you will no longer have a use for cables and adapters to connect your smartphone to the PC or TV. Watching YouTube is now even fitting in better with your needs, because you can search and control videos on your smartphone, iPad or tablet while watching other ones on your computer or Smart TV all at the same time.

  • Log in to the device that you are using as a remote control (such as a mobile, tablet, iPad, computer) and click HERE
  • Log in to the other device that you are watching videos on (such as a computer or Smart TV) and click HERE
  • Installing our free Google Chrome extension for the app's best performance is highly recommended

YouTube videos are either embedded on our website (, or you can watch them directly on YouTube. It is reasonably to expect that the YT remote control is only available on and that you can only manage videos playing on, but our free YT2 Remote Chrome extension will enable you to search and play videos while watching them on YouTube too. Despite all the advantages of watching videos on, you may wish to leave our website and go to at some point. In order to continue managing and playing videos remotely, you will, however, have to go back to our website. You would normally walk up to the computer you are watching the videos on and manually click the "Back" button in your browser. If Google Chrome is your browser, by using the free YT2 Remote extension on your TV page and the "Return" button on the search results page on your mobile, you are just a click away from returning to and managing everything from the distance using your mobile as a remote control without leaving your chair.

YT2 Remote demo app itself is free to use, but limited to playing up to three videos only. By becoming a Premium member for a one-time fee of 4 USD you will have full and unlimited use of all the YT2 Remote features.

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