About Us

"IVARTV Digital" embodies "YT Apps" (featuring web apps & news feed) and "MuVi RTV" (featuring music streams, videos, radio & television)

VIDYPS 79 is an IT company formed by true experts in Visual Studio .NET and web application development

How we got started

The idea of "IVARTV Digital" has been initialized by true experts in Visual Studio .NET and web application development.

Our enthusiasm, passion, knowledge and experience have been incorporated into building a worldwide digital network of technology innovations designed for the common people.

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Our Services

The world of digital at your fingertips

YT World News

A search engine built up to go for the up-to-the-minute news, latest news and feature stories published by popular and trusted world news sources

YT News Express

Designed to deliver top news headlines available in 7 different languages by transmitting information presented in the form of a digital telegram

YT Infotainment

Keeping you up to date with the news appearing incessantly all around the world as you become acquainted with the music created by indie artists

YT Music Of All Time

Learn more about the history of popular music by using an extensive database of famous pop and rock bands incorporated into the app

YT2 Remote

Turn your smartphone, tablet or iPad into a wireless remote control and manage YouTube videos playing on your PC or TV by using our video player

Music Radio & TV App

Interactive radio & TV available 24/7 on all desktop and mobile devices introducing full HD audio/video and worldwide indie music promotion

Software & News Feed

Featuring the ecosystem made of digital innovations, web apps, latest world news and information

100% Granted Access

To information on all desktop, mobile and TV devices, regardless of the age, quality, price or size of the device

Speed Doesn't Matter

No slow Internet connection or poor line quality may prevent users from getting informed utterly and on time

People at the Forefront

The virtual world is supposed to contribute to the progress of the real world and not become an end in itself

Newsworthy Sources

Must reach a user in every corner of the world by essentially enabling free access to information found relevant and genuine

Broadcasting News

Via interactive online radio and television followed by an on-demand audio & video news service must be provided and available 24/7

Digital News Delivery

Intelligibly granting the receivers to stay informed to the fullest degree on the up-to-the-minute news, breaking news and feature stories

Music Apps, Radio & TV

Featuring the ecosystem made of songs, videos, artist information & music promotion

It Is Necessary

That every music lover becomes familiar with the activities of independent musicians...

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Equal Opportunity

For all indie artists to present their work out to the public must be granted...

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Listening to Music

And watching videos on all devices, regardless of the age, quality, or size of the device must be available...

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Broadcasting Music

Interactive radio/television revealing the basic info on the music currently playing must be enabled...

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Every Indie Artist

Willing to stand out and achieve a major breakthrough in his/her career must get a real chance for exposure...

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Pave the Way for

Music lovers to learn more about the history of pop music and a rich catalog of songs over the decades...

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In A Nutshell

About IVARTV Digital

"IVARTV Digital is committed to sharing the vision of free access to innovations, news and music by exhorting the virtual world to contribute to the progress of the real world and bringing new technologies closer to the common man."

Vladimir Milicev, VIDYPS 79
Owner & Software Developer

YT Apps is a collection of web apps running in the browser in interaction with the remote cloud-based software that enable you to discover, search for, read, manage or remotely control music, videos, news and information coming 24/7 from all around the globe.

YT Apps
Software & Web Apps

MuVi RTV is an interactive music radio & TV designed for promoting indie artists and labels. By providing an attractive service for everyone to watch and listen to, it enables artists to reach out to as many followers and venerators as there can be.

Songs, Videos & Promotion