How it works

YT World News is a web app designed for searching and collecting information published by popular news websites from all over the world. It currently covers 23 countries and 153 news sources.
YT World News does not publish or generate news of its own, but provides methods for systematic and thorough web indexing and data aggregation. Search results link to original news sources. The app may also feature some news particularly found to be relevant and important.
The app's mission is to help its users reach out to the news they are looking for as fast and easy as possible, as well as help publishers attract people to read the stories they write, making it an important driver of traffic and bringing the lasting benefit to their webisites.
This service is based on its fully automated search and aggregation software running in the background continuously topping the charts by bringing the breaking news together all in one place and enabling its users to look up for a headline, choose a portal to browse, or view the latest news accompanied by illustrations (wherever applicable). Much of the attention is paid to make sure that the YT World News app looks and works perfectly well on a wide range of mobile phones and screen sizes.
YT World News is committed to raising public awareness by keeping up with the most trusted news sources. IVA Digital adheres to the Serbian Copyright and Related Rights Act in its entirety. Section 43 of the Law on Copyright and Related Rights grants a permission for reproducing public works which appear to be a constituting part of the current event presented to the public, preparing and reproducing short copies or summaries from newspapers and other similar articles in press reviews and freely use daily information and news which have the nature of news report, as long as this is intended for presenting to the public current events via press, radio, television and other media, to the extent of being appropriate for the purpose of informing.
About YT World News
YT World News is a search engine and aggregation service for collecting information published by the most popular and trusted world news sources.
Search results direct users to original news sources. The app may also feature some news particularly found to be relevant and important.
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