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Designed to enable people to find the news they are looking for

What we primarily want to achieve with YT World News is keep people informed on the news appearing incessantly all around the world.
Everyone should stay up to date with what's going on in the city and country one lives in. Staying up to date with the world news is no exception either. That is why we have chosen the most popular and important portals we are showing the news from, because we want people to see things from different angles and receive information from various sources, as relevant as they can be.
People mainly visit the websites and read the news they trust (or they have got used to trust), as well as those they find interesting for some reason, but it's not unusual that they go searching for titles and headlines published elsewhere too. An app to enable its users to find the news gathered all in one place may be a very useful tool to have therefore.
About YT World News
A search engine built up to thoroughly collect and distinctly present information published by the most popular and trusted world news sources.
The app may also feature some news singled out as particularly relevant and important.
The collection of YT News apps will keep you up to date with the news appearing incessantly all around the world.
At the same time, it helps independent artists and labels get their music seen and heard.
Music Video Network
IVA Video Network is a collection of YouTube embedded music videos forming a network supposed to help indie artists reach more consumers.
Each of these videos running alone might not shake the ground, but if moving along jointly within a network, they can get things going into full swing.
News Express
A web app designed to deliver top headlines from all over the world in the form of a digital telegram.
YT Remote
The world of digital is at your fingertips featuring a collection of web apps running in interaction with the remote cloud-based software.