Designed to work on a wide range of mobile phones and screen sizes

When you browse the mobile site, what you see will be customized to the device that you have in hand. YT World News will keep you up to date with the top stories of the day. All the relevant news from the United States, Russia, United Kingdom, India, Brazil, Nigeria or any other country published today, these days or some time ago, will be presented on IVARTV.COM.
These features are available on both desktop and mobile devices, but somehow it seems that cellphones and tablets help YT World News's users stay more focused on the site's content, enabling them to get the news they are searching for fairly quickly and easily.
We therefore will always pay the most of our attention to how the mobile site looks and works.
About YT World News
A search engine built up to thoroughly collect and distinctly present information published by the most popular and trusted world news sources.
The app may also feature some news singled out as particularly relevant and important.
The collection of YT News apps will keep you up to date with the news appearing incessantly all around the world.
At the same time, it helps independent artists and labels get their music seen and heard.
Music Video Network
IVA Video Network is a collection of YouTube embedded music videos forming a network supposed to help indie artists reach more consumers.
Each of these videos running alone might not shake the ground, but if moving along jointly within a network, they can get things going into full swing.
News Express
A web app designed to deliver top headlines from all over the world in the form of a digital telegram.
YT Remote
The world of digital is at your fingertips featuring a collection of web apps running in interaction with the remote cloud-based software.