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YT World News is a search engine designed for collecting information from the most popular news websites around the world.
The idea of creating an online search engine for major news websites has been present in our minds for a long time. We have been working hard to develop and realize this idea, and now we are delighted and proud to announce that we have finally reached a satisfactory level and met the goal we had set the time before.
The reason we have decided to venture out into this project is more than obvious. The intention was to develop a service to continously perform systematic and thorough web indexing and data aggregation. All the news found by the search engine should be automatically updated and all the information should be brought together and somehow related to each other. Of course, this must be accomplished in a way to infringe no copyrights, yet there are plenty of services doing some kind of "sharing" and failing to obey the rules.
You must have found yourself in a situation, and not just once, that you wanted to read the news about a particular event, but you did not know which website actually published the news. It may have not been popular enough to be posted on the main pages and therefore may not be easy to find, so you start visiting websites one by one. You are coming across that news, but it appears to be poorly and incomprehensibly presented there. You will then move on to the next website, and so on. Eventually, if you're persistent enough, you will find what you're looking for, but you can't make up for lost time. We are happy to introduce YT World News to help you get the latest information published by the most popular portals promptly, accurately and in a user-friendly way.
If you are a regular YT World News user, you will definitely score and start your day right off when it comes to news searching. You can look up for a headline, or drop a few keywords or throwaway lines. You can choose which portal or country to browse and view the latest news accompanied by illustrations (wherever applicable).
We want to emphasize that the app only deals with publicly available data. It deals with no secret information or anything of that kind. We believe that this service will be of great help and benefit to the news publishers too.
If you have any enquiries, concerns or suggestions, feel free to contact us any time.
About YT World News
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