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* Saturday, May 25, 2019 04:29:59 CET
Get the latest news and updates on Arunachal Pradesh Assembly Elections 2019 including live updates on voting, candidate profiles, political parties, polling, results....
...(NPP) recorded its maiden electoral win in Arunachal Pradesh. But the party’s celebration has been muted by the killing of its MLA Tirong Aboh and 10 others, including his 20-year-old son, on May 21.Like “big brother” BJP, which took over the regional People’s Party of Arunachal (PPA) government on December 2016, the NPP had acquired seven legislators of the PPA in July 2018. Two of them joined the Congress later.“We performed well (in the Arunachal Pradesh as well It is a three-cornered fight for 60-seated Arunachal Pradesh Assembly among the BJP, Congress and the NPP. Sign up to receive our newsletter in your inbox every day! Please enter a valid email address. Celebrating Democracy: Get 20% discount on all our ad-free subscription plans. Limited-time offer. Hurry ! Get 20% discount on The Hindu Web subscription plans Join our online subscriber community Experience an advertisement-free site with faster pages and article recommendations tailored for you Trending on our group sites Send your feedback to: Copyright© 2019, THG PUBLISHING PVT LTD. Using Ad blocker for Ad Fr... Read the full article
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